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Nigerian Private Chef

I can create a beautiful experience of Nigerian catering either at a venue with up to 40 people, or in the comfort of your own home, for up to eight people. If you want to impress your friends or clients, or host a memorable event for people of any background, you can use my services as a Nigerian private chef to entertain your guests. With three courses, and a range of dishes to choose from, you are guaranteed a delicious and memorable dining experience.



Traditional Nigerian dish prepared by by Nigerian Chef in Kensington


I have a range of menus catering to all kinds of tastes, including vegetarians, and people who prefer less spicy flavours. A typical menu may start with fish pepper soup or Abacha salad, followed by a main course of the flagship Jollof rice, with slow-cooked beef, or the famous Egusi soup with Eba. For desserts, diners may choose from melon salad with maple syrup, or rum and banana crumble with coconut cream. As a Nigerian private chef, I have the experience and flair to create a wide range of sensational Igbo dishes.


Each menu offers an authentic taste of Igboland, and allows each guest to choose the dish they find most appetising.


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Friends toasting over Food prepared by our Nigerian Chef in Kensington

Supper Club Events

I run dining evenings at a range of venues throughout the year. These offer you the chance to taste and try Nigerian cuisine for the first time, or to rediscover the favourite tastes of your homeland, without needing to cook. Each dish is prepared by an experienced Nigerian private chef (myself), and will inspire and delight whomever tastes it. Whether you are on your own, with a friend, or coming with a group, there is always a space for you! If you are interested in upcoming Nigerian supper club events please enquire directly to buy tickets and reserve your table and food.

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I am a Nigerian chef in Kensington, catering to private parties and events throughout the South East. Contact me today for bespoke Nigerian catering: Call 07876 424 421, or email me at