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Have you always wanted to learn how to cook Nigerian cuisine? I am here to help. Many people are intimidated by the different ingredients, like cassava, gourd seeds and plantain, or worried that their food won’t taste authentic or be well received. With my Nigerian cooking classes, your concerns can be put to rest. You can learn to cook any one of up to thirty dishes with confidence and panache. My culinary classes can take place online if you prefer, in groups, or in one-to-one sessions, depending on your situation and preference.

Private cooking classes online with a Nigerian Chef in Kensington


Private 1-1 cooking master classes.

If you want to become a superbly skilled Nigerian chef, there can be no better place to begin than a cookery class with an experienced Nigerian chef in Kensington. When you take Nigerian cooking classes with me, you can learn first-hand how to prepare all the flagship dishes of Nigerian cuisine, such as Jollof Rice, Fufu, and Egusi soup, with me guiding you every step of the way. If you are interested in receiving 1-1 lessons contact me today by phone or email .

Cooking from the menu

Have a look at our menu and see what I am cooking up at the moment. I run Nigerian cooking classes on all the dishes on this menu, to enable you to perfect your favourite Nigerian meal.

Bespoke classes

Do you have something in mind that’s not on the menu?
Let me know and I can run specialised cooking classes to help you master the dish you prefer.


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You Can Learn More Great Nigerian Recipes With My YouTube Channel: ChiChiTV.

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