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Nigerian Chef In Kensington

I am Chineze Oniah, a Nigerian chef in Kensington, and I lead Nigerian cooking classes in my local area. I also serve the whole of the South East for Nigerian cuisine catering and private cooking. I have been a professional chef for eight years, and have many decades of experience before then as a cook and in catering. If you are a fan of authentic Nigerian cuisine, this is the place for you. You can arrange private catering in your own home or venue, or one-to-one cooking lessons, and learn a wide range of beautiful Nigerian dishes for any taste.


Traditional Nigerian Dish prepared by our Nigerian Chef in Kensington

Private Catering With Nigerian Cuisine

If you are hosting a party or social event, and want to impress your guests with genuine, authentic Nigerian catering, I am here to help. If you are looking for a Nigerian chef in Kensington, I can cater to corporate events, parties, weddings, and private events too, enabling you to host up to 40 people at a venue, and keep them well-fed and inspired by exciting, African cuisine.
Read more about my private catering service here, or contact me directly on 07876 424 421.


Private cooking over Zoom, Nigerian Chef cutting onions

Nigerian Cookery Classes Online And In Person

Have you always wanted to learn how to cook African food? Do you want to impress your friends, relatives, and visitors? Are you daunted by the unfamiliar ingredients and recipes? I am here to help. If you are close-by, I can teach you how to cook Nigerian cuisine one-to-one. You can learn many speciality Igbo foods, like Jollof rice, fried plantain, Eba, and Egusi.
If you are interested in learning cuisine from a Nigerian chef in Kensington, you can call me or email me today on.


Nigerian Food Restaurant dining experience with friends.

Supper Club Nights Out

I run a weekly supper club in Kensington, for fans of Nigerian cuisine, enabling you to try a wide range of exciting Igbo dishes, and find the ones that are your favourites. Many people who have never tried Nigerian cooking before discover their love of African food at a supper club, which is a friendly and intimate setting to try many wonderful and authentic Nigerian dishes. All the meals are prepared by myself, a Nigerian chef in Kensington.





For Nigerian private catering, or to book your place at the next supper club, fill in the form here.



Why Nigerian food?

Nigeria has a wide range of cultures, and hundreds of ethnic groups, each of whom has brought their own specialities and dishes to the table of Nigerian cuisine. My particular background is as an Igbo person, a tribe from Southeast Nigeria, around the Niger Delta. Igbo people have their own cultural identity and language, and many aspects of Igbo cuisine have become a culinary staple of the West African diet. 

You can learn a wide range of Igbo recipes and West African dishes with my guidance:

Jollof Rice by Nigerian Chef in Kensington

Jollof Rice

This rice dish is made with tomatoes, onions, and traditionally a small amount of scotch bonnet chilli peppers (these are very hot and you can temper the variety to your taste). Though originally from Senegal, this dish has become a national staple of many West African nations, with each one claiming their own Jollof as the best variation.

Fried Plantain by Nigerian Chef in Kensington

Fried Plantain

You could describe this fruit as a ‘cooking banana’, and they are at their best when they are just on the cusp of over ripeness, when they are sweetest, and some of the sugars ferment. You can mould the plantain into a patty, and fry them in hot oil for a few minutes, until they are beautifully crisp and tasty.

Egusi Soup, by Nigerian Chef in Kensington

 Egusi Soup

This consists of gourd seeds or pumpkin seeds, ground into a paste, and then left to simmer with a range of other tasty ingredients, such as chicken, beef or crayfish. The Egusi has a similar texture to couscous and soaks up flavours and sauces beautifully.

Eba by Nigerian Chef in Kensington


Eba is a kind of Fufu, which has a doughy texture and is great for eating with soup, stew, or meat dishes. You can make it simply from cassava flour and hot water, and when dining, it is rolled into a ball with the fingers and dipped into a sauce or soup.


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You Can Host A Nigerian Catering Event

Cooking with ChiChi is a service provided by an industry trained chef, and I am passionate about bringing the flavours of Africa to your table within the comforts of your own home. You can arrange Nigerian catering in North London, either at a venue, or in your own home.

If you are looking for a Nigerian chef in Kensington, enquire today for private hire or cooking lessons: Call 07876 424 421, or email me at